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Another Kind Of War: Strategies For Transition In The Era Of Negotiation
Mark Phillips And Colin Coleman, l
Negotiations are not, it is argued by MARK PHILLIPS and COLIN COLEMAN, a subject that can be rejected or shelved by activists and organisations in South Africa, they must be confronted as a new context for debate and struggle.

The Origins And Implications Of South Africa’s Continuing Financial Crisis
Alan Hirsch, 31
This article like the last, acknowledges that movement in the South African political process has to an important extent shifted to the international arena. ALAN HIRSCH explains the history and meaning of South Africa’s debt crisis.

Co-Operatives And Socialism: Some perspectives on co-operative management
Roger Etkind, 51
ROGER ETKIND explored from a classic theoretical Marxist position, combined with rich examples from practical experience, the possibilities and pitfalls of producer co-operatives and their relevance to a process of transformation.

Post-War Profitability In South Africa: A Critique of Regulation Analysis in South Africa
Nicoli Nattrass, 66
Reconsidering the evidence for an economic crisis in South Africa over the past twenty years, NICOLI NATTRASS suggests a revisionist perspective.

Review Article

Zimbabwe: Politics, Economics and Society & An Economic and Social History of Zimbabwe 1890-1948
Julian Cobbing, 81

Tribute to David Webster
Eddie Webster, 89

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