88, 2015. Table of Contents.

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Privilege, solidarity and social justice struggles in South Africa: A view from Grahamstown
Sally Matthews, 1-24 


Accountability and surveillance: New mechanisms of control in higher education
Suriamurthee Maistry, 25-35 

Piketty’s ‘Capital’: Perspectives from the south. Thoughts on Capital in the Twenty-first Century
Vishnu Padayachee, 36-42 

Liberalism interruptus: Leo Kuper and the Durban school of oppositional empirical sociology of the 1950s and 1960s
Geoff Waters, 43-61


Money from Nothing: indebtedness and aspiration in South Africa by Deborah James (review)
Jürgen Schraten, 62-65

The End of the Developmental State? ed. by Michelle Williams (review)
Vishnu Padayachee, 66-71

Racism, Memory and the Apartheid Archive: towards a psychosocial praxis ed. by Garth Stevens, Norman Duncan and Derek Hook (review)
Kevin Durrheim, 72-77

Development Cooperation and Emerging Powers: new partners or old patterns ed. by Sachin Chaturvedi, Thomas Fues and Elizabeth Sidiropoulos (review)
Alexander O’Riordan, 78-81

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