85, 2014. Table of Contents.

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The transformation of the South African credit market
Jürgen Schraten, 1-20

Nation-Building, Africanism and the 2010 Fifa World Cup: what did they do for social cohesion in post-apartheid South Africa
Annsilla Nyar, 21-42

A reactive approach to technological changes: Solidarity’s responses at the ArcelorMittal Vanderbijlpark Plant, 1989 to 2012
Mondli Hlatshwayo, 43-63

Inaugural Lecture

Humanism, creativity and rights: invoking Henri Lefebvre’s right to the city in the tension presented by informal settlements in South Africa today
Marie Huchzermeyer, 64-89


Africans in KwaZulu-Natal: Let’s cease to feast on the old carcass of scapegoating
Benedict Xolani Dube, 90-97

Review Article

Imagining the Cape Colony: history, literature and the South African Nation by David Johnson (review)
Tony Voss, 98-104


A School of Struggle: Durban’s Medical School and the education of black doctors in South Africa by Vanessa Noble (review)
Hoosen Coovadia, 105-109

Melancholia of Freedom: social life in an Indian township in South Africa by Thomas Blom Hansen, and: Chatsworth: the making of a South African township eds. by Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed (review)
Bill Freund, 110-117

The New Radicals: a generational memoir of the 1970s by Glenn Moss (review)
Grahame Hayes, 118-122 

The Hidden History of South Africa’s Book and Reading Cultures by Archie L Dick (review)
Rachel Matteau Matsha, 123-126

Cape Town after Apartheid: crime and governance in the divided city by Tony Roshan Samara (review)
Marianne Morange, 127-132

Marxisms in the 21st Century: critique, crisis and struggles eds. by Michelle Williams and Vishwas Satgar (review)
Theodoros Rakopoulos, 133-136

The Politics of Necessity: community organizing and democracy in South Africa by Elke Zuern (review)
Carin Runciman, 137-140

South Africa’s Suspended Revolution: hopes and prospects by Adam Habib (review)
Ben Stanwix, 141-145

Choosing to be Free: the life story of Rick Turner by Billy Keniston (review)
Edward Webster, 146-152

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