84, 2014. Table of Contents.

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Job destruction in Newcastle: minimum wage-setting and low-wage employment in the South African clothing industry
Nicoli Nattrass, Jeremy Seekings, 1-30

Can rights-based activism be transformative? Analysing grassroots mobilisation in the Anti-Privatisation Forum
Carin Runciman, 31-52

The decline of Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai: public opinion polls posting the writing on the wall
Susan Booysen, 53-80

‘I was amazed that there are still people like this’: first-year students’ reflections on experiences of racial discrimination at the University of the Free State
Marthinus Stander Conradie, Susan Iris Brokensha, 81-105

Inaugural Lecture

Coercion, consent, and the construction of capitalism in Africa: development studies, political economy, politics and the ‘Dark Continent’
David Moore, 106-131


The Fate of the Eastern Cape: history, politics and social policy by Greg Ruiters (review)
Bill Freund, 132-134

A Kinship of Bones: AIDS, intimacy and care in rural KwaZulu-Natal by Patricia Henderson (review)
Andrew Gibbs, 135-137

Realising the Dream: unlearning the logic of race in the South African school by Crain Soudien (review)
Mark Hunter, 138-140

Economics and HIV: the sickness of economics by Deborah Johnston, and: South African AIDS Activism and Global Health Politics by Mandisa Mbali (review)
Alan Whiteside, 141-144

Memories of Empire. Volume 1: the white man’s world by Bill Schwarz (review)
David Johnson, 145-152

Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development in Africa: concepts, role-players, policy and practice ed. by Theo Neethling and Heidi Hudson (review)
Alexander O’Riordan, 153-156

Marabi Nights: jazz, ‘race’ and society in early apartheid South Africa by Christopher Ballantine (review)
Nishlyn Ramanna, 157-159

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