81/82, 2013. Table of Contents.

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Special Issue: Capitalism of a special type? South African capitalism before and after 1994


Eric Hobsbawm: an appreciation (9 June 1917 – 1 October 2012)
Bill Freund, 1-4


Introducing varieties of capitalism into the South African debate: uses and limits
Vishnu Padayachee, 5-32

Varieties of capitalism in emerging economies
Andreas Nölke, Simone Claar, 33-54

A history of South African capitalism in national and global perspective
Keith Hart, Vishnu Padayachee, 55-85

A ghost from the past: the South African developmental state of the 1940s
Bill Freund, 86-114

Social policy, social citizenship and the historical idea of a social democratic welfare state in South Africa
Robert van Niekerk, 115-143

Neo-liberalism, varieties of capitalism, and the shifting contours of South Africa’s financial system
Sam Ashman, Ben Fine, 144-178

Historical varieties of space, scale and speculation in South Africa: the uneven and combined geographical development of financialised capitalism
Patrick Bond, 179-207

The promise and the possibility: South Africa’s contested industrial relations path
Edward Webster, 208-235

Capital structure of the South African automotive industry: historical perspectives and development implications
Justin Barnes, 236-259

Corporate governance in South Africa: from ‘Old Boys Club’ to ‘Ubuntu’?
Vishnu Padayachee, 260-290


Conversations with Bourdieu: the Johannesburg moment by Michael Burawoy and Karl von Holdt (review)
Lars Gausdal, 291-294

Region-Building in Southern Africa: progress, problems and prospects ed. by Chris Saunders, Gwinyayi Dzinesa, and Dawn Nagar (review)
Keith Gottschalk, 295-298

Rural Resistance in South Africa: the Mpondo revolts after fifty years ed. by Thembela Kepe and Lungisile Ntsebeza (review)
Tim Gibbs, 299-301 

The New South African Review 2: new paths, old compromises? ed. by John Daniel et al. (review)
Basheerah Mohamed, 302-305 

Nadine Gordimer: weaving together fiction, women and politics by Denise Brahimi (review)
Ileana Dimitriu, 306-308 

The Last Afrikaner Leaders: a supreme test of power by Hermann Giliomee, and: Secret Talks and the End of Apartheid by Willie Esterhuyse, and: Lost in Transformation: South Africa’s search for a new future since 1986 by Sampie Terreblanche (review)
Bill Freund, 309-316

South Africa and India: shaping the global south ed. by Isabel Hofmeyr and Michelle Williams (review)
Thembisa Waetjen, 317-322

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