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Around Which Corner?: Revolutionary Theory And Contemporary South Africa
Colin Bundy, 1
In a major reconsideration of contemporary South African politics, COLIN BUNDY looks back at political debates on the Left of the pre-Sharpeville period. He considers critically the revolutionary strategies that have developed since by examining South Africa in the light of revolutionary theory more generally.

Security Management Upgrading In The Black Townships
Andrew Boraine. 24
Unlike the conventional wisdom that state incorporationist strategies are irrelevant, ANDREW BORAINE’s in-depth study of Mamelodi examines the implications of a shift in state urban strategy.

The South African State And The Oukasie Removal
Alan Morris, 47
While post-1986 township upgrading, restructuring and class formation is going on apace in some localities, ALAN MORRIS argues that an examination of Oukasie near the centre of Brits in the Transvaal reveals the stubbornness of pre-‘Reform’ removal policy in one locale.


Transforming Teachers: A Response To Morrell’s “Education Struggles”
Melanie Walker, 64
MELANIE WALKER responds to a recent contribution on class and politics amongst African teachers by Rob Morrell by looking at militant activity on the part of teachers, particularly in the Western Cape.

Sacos: Towards Player Control
Yunus Carrim. 70
YUNUS CARRIM responds to a discussion of SACOS policy that appeared in Transformation 6.

Review Articles

The Transition to Socialism
John Saxby, 75
The possibilities and limitations for socialism in Zimbabwe are considered in the light of a recent study by Zimbabwean academics, reviewed by JOHN SAXBY.

Recent articles on the Mozambican revolution
Bill Freund, 85
BILL FREUND looks at the critical analysis which a number of recent articles are making of the Mozambican revolution.

REVIEW of: Challenge to Apartheid: Towards a moral national resistance
Rupert Taylor, 92

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