79, 2012. Table of Contents.

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Zimitri Erasmus, Gerhard Maré, i 

Part One – The use of ‘race’: theoretical dilemmas
Apartheid race categories: daring to question their continued use
Zimitri Erasmus, 1-11 

Response to Zimitri Erasmus
Norman Duncan, 12-17 

The modern seduction of race: whither social constructionism?
Crain Soudien, 18-38 

Epistemic hyper-reflexivity in the face of the modern seduction of race: a response to Soudien
Garth Stevens, 39-46

Part Two – The use of ‘race’: South African cases and examples

Race classification at the University of KwaZulu-Natal: purposes, sites and practices
Shaun Ruggunan, Gerhard Maré, 47-68

Beyond race?: Exploring indicators of (dis)advantage to achieve South Africa’s equity goals
Kate Lefko-Everett, 69-92 

Race and race thinking: reflections in theory and practice for researchers in South Africa and beyond
Kira Erwin, 93-113

Race classifications, indicators and praxis: a response to Ruggunan and Maré, Lefko-Everett, and Erwin
Harry Garuba, 114-118 

Part Three – The use of ‘race’ in post-1994 South African jurisprudence

Race thinking and the law in post-1994 South Africa
Lee Stone, Yvonne Erasmus, 119-143 

Looking backward, looking forward: race, corrective measures and the South African Constitutional Court
Pierre de Vos, 144-167 

Of classifications and sub-classifications: A response to Stone and Erasmus, and de Vos
Dee Smythe, 168-172 

Closing reflections on ‘Revisiting Apartheid’s Race Categories’
Harry Garuba, 173-177 


Zimitri Erasmus, Gerhard (Gerry) Maré, 178 

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