71, 2010. Table of Contents.

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Re-introducing the minerals-energy complex
Vishnu Padayachee, 1-2

The significance of the minerals-energy complex in the light of South African economic historiography
Bill Freund, 3-25

Engaging the MEC: or a few of my views on a few things
Ben Fine, 26-49

Industrial policy under democracy: apartheid’s grown-up infant industries? Iscor and Sasol
Simon Roberts, Zavareh Rustomjee, 50-75

Why waste money on Quarterly Labour Force Surveys? Waste it on youth development instead!
Charles Meth, 76-102


Development and Dreams: the urban legacy of the 2010 football World Cup (review)
Julian Azzopardi, 103-108

Zulu Identities: being Zulu, past and present (review)
Jon Soske, 109-116 

Between Empire and Revolution: a life of Sidney Bunting 1873-1936 (review)
Bill Freund, 117-119

Johannesburg: the elusive metropolis (review)
Lindy Stiebel, 120-122

Human Rights in African Prisons (review)
John Daniel, 123-124

Racial Redress and Citizenship in South Africa (review)
Kevin Durrheim, 125-128

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