69, 2009. Table of Contents.

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Debate on the Harvard Panel’s Economic Policy Proposals for South Africa

Speed Bumps, Speed Limits and Take-offs: An introductory comment on the Fine-Harvard debate
Imraan Valodia, 1-4 

Submission to the COSATU Panel of Economists on “The Final Recommendations of the International Panel on Growth” (the Harvard Panel)
Ben Fine, 5-30

Why we still believe exports for jobs will lead to shared growth: A response to Fine’s “Harvard Group Shores up Shoddy Governance”
Ricardo Hausmann, Matt Andrews, 31-65 

Rejoinder to “A Response to Fine’s ‘Harvard Group Shores up Shoddy Governance”
Ben Fine, 66-80 


Corporate power, society and the environment: A case study of ArcelorMittal South Africa
Andries Bezuidenhout, Jacklyn Cock, 81-105


The ‘Hani Memorandum’ – introduced and annotated
Hugh Macmillan, 106-129 

From the national question to the social question
Thandika Mkandawire, 130-160 

Book Review Article

Angola: From war to peace
Chris Saunders, 161-172

Book Review

Gaining Ground? ‘Rights’ and ‘Property’ in South African Land Reform (review)
Cherryl Walker, 173-176 

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