65, 2008. Table of Contents.

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Obituary: André Gorz (1923-2007)
Ari Sitas, 1-3 


Patterns of industrial performance in South Africa in the first decade of democracy: the continued influence of minerals-based activities
Simon Roberts, 4-35 

When livelihoods take a battering…Mapping the ‘New Gold Rush’ in Zimbabwe’s Angwa-Pote Basin
Amin Y. Kamete, 36-67 

Surviving blue asbestos: mining and occupational disease in South Africa and Australia
Jock McCulloch, 68-93

Crafting new democratic spaces: participatory policy-making in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Janine Hicks, Imraan Buccus, 94-119 

A contradictory class location? The African corporate middle class and the burden of race in South Africa
Geoffrey Modisha, 120-145

Is a right to affirmative action the solution to the Orwellian postulate that all are equal but…
Morris Montalti, Adrian Bellengère, 146-194 


The Next Liberation Struggle: capitalism, socialism and democracy in southern Africa (review)
Stephen Greenberg, 195-200 

Women’s Organizations and Democracy in South Africa: contesting authority (review)
Lisa Brown, 201-203

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