62, 2006. Table of Contents.

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The RDP, GEAR and all that: reflections ten years later
Stephen Gelb, 1-8 

Research, research productivity and the state in South Africa
Adam Habib, Seán Morrow, 9-29 

Can government facilitate participative workplace change? An examination of the Workplace Challenge Project in the Cape fish processing industry
Shane Godfrey, Johann Maree, 30-58

Legacies of political violence: an examination of political conflict in Mpumalanga Township, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Debby Bonnin, 59-83 

Transcending traditional forms of governance: prospects for co-operative governance and service delivery in Durban’s tribal authority areas
Sultan Khan, Benoît Lootvoet, Shahid Vawda, 84-117 

Imagining revenge: the adoption of violence by Mayombe’s fighters
Sean Rogers, 118-129 


Comment on Shireen Ally (2005) ‘Oppositional intellectualism as reflection, not rejection of power: Wits Sociology, 1975-1989’ ( Transformation 59)
Geoffrey R. Waters, 130-133 


Transforming the Robocops: changing police in South Africa (review)
Jacklyn Cock, 134-137 

The Age of Commodity: water privatization in southern Africa, and: Unlawful Occupation: informal settlements and urban policy in South Africa and Brazil (review)
Bill Freund, 138-141 

Rethinking the Rise and Fall of Apartheid: South Africa and world politics (review)
Laurence Piper, 142-144 

Prophets and Profits — managerialism and the restructuring of Jewish schools in South Africa (review)
E. Morrow, 145-151 

Challenging Hegemony: social movements and the quest for a new humanism in post-apartheid South Africa (review)
Elke Zuern, 152-156 

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