59, 2005. Table of Contents.

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Land of dreams: land restitution on the eastern shores of Lake St Lucia
Cherryl Walker, 1-25 

Questions regarding tradition and modernity in contemporary Amakwaya practice
Patrick Giddy, Markus Detterbeck, 26-44

Beyond experience: the mediation of traumatic memories in South African history museums
Sofie Geschier, 45-65 

Oppositional intellectualism as reflection, not rejection, of power: Wits Sociology, 1975-1989
Shireen Ally, 66-97 

Rebels with a cause of their own: a personal reflection on my student years at Rhodes University, 1961-1965
Eddie Webster, 98-108 

Review Essay

Living in cloud cuckoo land: politics and cricket in white South Africa
Vishnu Padayachee, 109-121 


The Making of a Political Reformer: Gandhi in South Africa, 1893-1914 (review)
Bill Freund, 122-123

White Lies: Canon Collins and the secret war against apartheid (review)
Mandy Goedhals, 124-126

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