56, 2004. Table of Contents.

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Ideology and social policy: ‘handouts’ and the spectre of ‘dependency’
Charles Meth, 1-30 

Beyond the urban-rural divide: linking land, labour, and livelihoods
Gillian Patricia Hart, Ari Sitas, 31-38 


‘It is about ways of seeing’: globalisation, nation-building, nationalism, inequality, and contesting identities
The Editors, 

South Africa: a new nation-state in a globalising era
Bill Freund, 41-52 

Putting Africa [back] on the map: the South African Parliamentary Millennium Project
Lindy Stiebel, 53-67 

Somewhere over the rainbow: the nation state, democracy and race in a globalising South Africa
Jeff Guy, 68-89 

The politics of economic policy-making: substantive uncertainty, political leverage, and human development
Adam Habib, 90-103 


‘Letting Them Die’: why HIV/AIDS intervention programmes fail, and: The Moral Economy of AIDS in South Africa (review)
Bill Freund, 104-107 

The Political Philosophy of Needs (review)
Marc Caldwell, 108-115 

Limits to Liberation in Southern Africa: the unfinished business of democratic consolidation (review)
Mbongeni Manqele, 116-118 

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