49, 2002. Table of Contents.

Cover, Publication Guidelines, Contents page, Editorial: Point of Order: Policing and Crime in Transition in South Africa
Mark Shaw, Monique Marks, i-x

Crime, Police and Public in Transitional Societies
Mark Shaw, pp. 1-24

Microscopic and Macroscopic Responses to Inequalities in the Governance of Security: Respective Experiments in South Africa and Northern Ireland
Michael Kempa, Clifford D. Shearing, John R. Cartwright, Madeleine Jenneker, pp. 25-54

Performance Measures for the South African Police Service: Setting the Benchmarks for Service Delivery
Ted Leggett, pp. 55-85

A Failure of Rural Protection
Bronwen Manby, pp. 86-104


Issues in Transnational Policing (review)
Elrena Van der Spuy, pp. 105-112

Young Warriors: Youth Politics, Identity and Violence in South Africa (review)
Robert Morrell, pp. 113-116

Notes on Contributors