48, 2002. Table of Contents.

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Citizenship and the city: the Durban centre-city in 2000
Antoine Bouillon, 1
Antoine Bouillon conducts a socio-anthropological investigation of citizenship issues in contemporary Durban, looking at initiatives of people within the whole metropolitan ‘community’ and related Durban Metro policies.

Urban citizenship and legitimate governance: the case of the Greater Warwick Avenue and Grey Street Urban Renewal Project, Durban
Jeremy Grest, 38
Jeremy Grest examines the process of local government reform in Durban through a focus on issues of urban citizenship and legitimate governance within a specific central city locale.

At the chalk face: Managerialism and the changing academic workplace 1995-2001
Edward Webster and Sarah Mosoetsa, 59
Edward Webster and Sarah Mosoetsa argue that the shift towards academic managerialism begins in South Africa a decade later than the developed world. Drawing on interviews with academics, management and staff associations, the paper identifies a deep pessimism among many academics.

Trade unions and institutional reform: Nigerian experiences with South African and Ugandan comparisons
Bjern Beckman, 83
Bjern Beckman writes on the capacity of trade unions to intervene in a context of political and economic reform. Contrasting experiences of South Africa and Uganda are summarised, as well as illustrations drawn from Nigeria.


Lindy Stiebel’s Imagining Africa: landscape in H Rider Haggard’s African romances reviewed by Stephen Coan, 116

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