46, 2001. Table of Contents.

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Organised labour, globalisation and economic reform: union investment companies in South Africa
Okechukwu C Iheduru, 1
The transition to democracy and the politics of the post-apartheid regime have opened up the South African  economy to investments from Black empowerment companies. One of the first to take up this opportunity have been the union federations who have established a number of for-profit ventures in recent years. Okechukwu C Iheduru investigates the phenomenon of ‘labour capitalism’ and assesses its implications for the labour unions and black politics in South Africa.

Legitimacy and generational conflict in the UDF: the struggles behind the struggle
Ineke van Kessel, 32
Ineke van Kessel investigates the dynamics of protest and revolt within the UDF through an analysis of three local struggles. This exploration of struggles within the struggle’enables an analysis of the interaction between the ideological contents of the national movement and the meanings of local struggles.

Countering public corruption in South Africa
Tom Lodge, 53
Tom Lodge assesses the state of the literature on, and investigates the post-apartheid government’s initiatives against, corruption in South Africa.

Changing Gear? The 2001 budget and economic policy in South Africa
Vishnu Padayachee and lmraan Valodia, 71
Vishnu Padayachee and lmraan Valodia critically analyse the 2001 budget and assess whether it heralds a new era for economic policy in South Africa.


Ashwin Desai’s The Poors of Chatsworth
Goolam Vahed, 85

Sarah Nuttall and Cheryl-Ann Michael’s Sense of Culture: South African culture studies
Dennis Walder, 93

Sabine Marschall and Brian Kearney’s Opportunities for relevance: architecture in the new South Africa
Lindsay Bremner, 97

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