45, 2001. Table of Contents.

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High productivity now: a critical review of South Africa’s growth strategy
Nicoli Nattrass, 1
Nicoli Nattrass characterises South Africa’s current economic policy as one resting on a high productivity strategy, a strategy that may not work and is unlikely to deliver jobs and social benefits.

Foreign aid and development debates in post-apartheid South Africa
Patrick Bond, 25
Development debates have largely raged around state policy, the RDP and GEAR, Patrick Bond suggests, however, thata critical analysis of the role of foreign development aid to South Africa is apposite and important

From symbolic to participatory reconciliation: race relations in South Africa – the African-Indian case
Thokozani Xaba, 37
Recently African-Indian relations in South Africa have been the subject of some important symbolic attempts at mediation and melioration. Thokozani Xaba reviews the relationship and considers how it can be strengthened.

The political opposition in Botswana: the politics of factionalism  and fragmentation
Bertha Z Osei-Hwedie, 57
Bertha Z Osei-Hwedie looks at the state of democracy in Botswana. Botswana has long operated an effective multi-party system… but somehow the opposition never succeeds in winning power.


Frans Barker’s The South African Labour Market: critical issues for renaissance 3rd edition
Reviewed by Charles Crothers, 79

Patrick Bond’s Elite Transition: from apartheid to neoliberalism in South Africa
Reviewed by Bill Freund, 81

Glenn Adler (ed) Public Service Labour Relations in a Democratic South Africa and Business: the labour movement and co-determination in contemporary South Africa
Reviewed by Malcolm Wallis, 89

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