43, 1988. Table of Contents.

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Changing notions of human security in the Southern African region
Leysens, Anthony

Indians, Islam and the meaning of South African citizenship – A question of identities.
Vahed, Goolam

Global trends in the automotive industry: Their likely impact on South African automotive assembly and component manufacturers
Barnes, Justin


Calling the glass half full: a response to Berger’s ‘Towards an analysis of the South African media and transformation, 1994- 1999’
Krabill, Ron

Response to Boloka and Krabill
Berger, Guy


Alan Morris (1999) Bleakness and Light: innercity transition in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press.
Vawda, Shahid

Glenn Adler and Eddie Webster (eds) (2000) Trade Unions and Democratisation in South Africa, 1985- 1997. International Political Economy Series. Hampshire and London: Macmillan Press.
Zarenda, Harry

Tom Lodge (1999) Consolidating Democracy: South Africa’s second popular election. Johannesburg: Electoral Institute of South Africa & University of the Witwatersrand Press.
Piper, Laurence

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