38, 1999. Table of Contents.

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Adam Habib discusses the purpose behind, and contents of, this special issue to coincide with South Africa’s second democratic election.


Hegemonism, Dominance or Weak Opposition? The Partisan Situation on the Eve of South Africa’s Second Election Campaign
Robert Mattes, Cherrel Africa and Helen Taylor, 1
Robert Mattes, Cherrel Africa and Helen Taylor analyse a series of post-1994 election public opinion surveys to assess the electorate’s views on the ANC’s performance in government.

Economic Adjustment, Political Institutionalism and Social Marginalisation: COSATU and the First Democratic Government (1994-99)
Franco Barchiesi, 20
Franco Barchiesi analyses COSATU’s response to the challenges of the post-apartheid era and their implications for the labour movement in the period ahead.

Magical Market Realism and the South African Transition
John Saul, 49
John Saul examines the neo-liberal economic logic which has informed the ANC government’s economic policies in the post-1994 period, its impact on the tripartite alliance and the possibilities for more radical economic trajectories in the period ahead.

COSATU, the ANC and the Election: Whither the Alliance?
Roger Southall and Geoff Wood, 68
Roger Southall and Geoff Wood explore COSATUs political strategies in the context of surveys which highlight the membership’s attitudes towards the ANC’s performance in government.

Towards an Analysis of the South African Media in the Transformation, 1994-99
Guy Berger, 84
Guy Berger looks at the performance of the media in the post-1994 era in the context of four major theoretical perspectives on the role of the media in South Africa’s new democratic dispensation.

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