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Democratic Societies? Voluntary Associations And Democratic Culture In A South African Township
Caroline White, 1
CAROLINE WHITE proposes a deeper look at the realities of South African democracy. If democracy depends not merely on formal political institutions but on vibrant popular association from below, how does a South African township look today?

South Africa in the 1990s: The Logic of Fragmentation and Reconstruction
Ari Sitas, 37
ARI SITAS considers a response to the quandaries in which radical intellectuals find themselves in post-apartheid, globalised South Africa.

Evaluating The Current Industrial Policy Of South Africa
Ha-Joon Chang, 51
Industrial policy must play a central role in a dynamic development strategy and the experiences of South and East Asia rank high in debate about carrying them through. HA-JOON CHANG provides a critical and comparative look at how South African efforts can be evaluated by this measure.

Privatisation In Developing Countries: Lessons To Be Learnt From The Mozambican Case
Jens-Erik Torp And Peter Rekve, 73
The Washington consensus demands privatisation of state institutions as a central plank in its plans for resuscitating the economies of African countries. But what is the actual contextualisation and value of privatisation? JENS-ERIK TORP and PETER REKVE evaluate a case study, the Mozambican fishing industry, and wonder whether it
made any sense at all.

Review Article

LES SWITZER’S South Africa’s Alternative Press is reviewed by GUY BERGER
Guy Berger, 93


MAHMOOD MAMDANI ‘s Citizen and Subject is reviewed by JEAN COPANS
Jean Copans, 102

RICHARD LEVIN’s When the Sleeping Grass Awakens is reviewed by JOHN DANIEL
John Daniel, 106

LINDA FREEMAN’S The Ambiguous Champion is reviewed by BILL FREUND
Bill Freund, 109

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