34, 1997. Table of Contents.

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Sanco: Strategic Dilemmas in a Democratic South Africa
Jeremy Seekings, 1
Institutionally, the rise of an insurgent, autonomous civics movement in South Africa during the 1980s may be said to have culminated in the creation of the South African National Civic Organisation in 1992, tipped to play a major role in the new dispensation. Instead, JEREMY SEEKINGS argues that post-apartheid South Africa has presented the civics with thorny and unresolved dilemmas that have led to their marginalisation

Integrated Versus Multi-Disciplinary Research: Prospects for Environmental Research
Tim Quinlan, 31
The need for social change impels us in the direction of action research that cuts across traditional disciplinary lines, including those between the social and natural sciences. TIM QUINLAN assesses critically some of the pitfalls.


The Rainbow against the African Sky or African Hegemony in a Multi-Cultural Context
Irina Filatova, 47
IRINA FILATOVA examines the twists and turns of ANC policy on the ‘national question’ in the lead-up to the forthcoming national party conference with a focus on a recent leading party document.


Infant Industries And Industrial Policies: a Lesson From South Africa
Raphael Kaplessky and Edmund Mhlongo, 57
The changing world economic environment allows for little national tariff protection and demands a high level of competitiveness and export orientation for industry to succeed. Using the example of a successful South African industrial exporting firm, RAPHAEL KAPLESSKY and EDMUND MHLONGO tackle this conundrum in the local context.

Organisational Cloaking in Southern Africa
Evan Scott Lieberman, 86
The new Southern African Development Community (SADC), argues EVAN SCOTT LIEBERMAN, arises out of anti-apartheid movement roots. It could become a covert instrument for South African regional domination. Lieberman fleshes out some of the possibilities.


BEN FINE and ZAVAREH RUSTOMJEE’s The Political Economy of South Africa: from minerals-energy complex to industrialisation; and JONATHAN MICHIE and VISHNU PADAYACHEE’s The Political Economy of South Africa’s Transition; policy perspectives in the late 1990s, are reviewed by CHRIS EDWARDS