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Health And Police Unionism In The Eastern Cape; Attitudes, Perceptions And Prospects
Geoffrey Wood, 1
The trade union movement became a powerful factor in South African politics during the resistance era. However, public sector unionism, argues GEOFFREY WOOD, has only come into its own since the political transition and the creation of a democratic government. He looks into the strengths and weaknesses of this focus of organization,taking two sectors in one province as a case study.

Sisters On Slippery Wheels: Women Taxi Drivers in South Africa
Meshack M. Khosa, 18
MESHACK M. KHOSA considers a previously neglected dimension in the assessment of social change and the transport sector in contemporary South Africa: gender. In-depth interviewing helps us to understand how women experience this sector.


An Integrated Rural Development Strategy for KwaZulu Natal: Towards the Formulation of an Effective Policy
Anne Vaughan, 34
Since 1994, the formulation of new strategies for development has become a top priority. Current literature emphasises the regional and the local. ANNE VAUGHAN argues for the effective formulation of locally directed strategies in this critical study.

An Experience Of Deindustrialisation – Lessons from Britain’s Industrial Performance Since 1960
Jonathan Michie, 58
JONATHAN MICHIE looks at modern British economic history as a classic study in industrial stagnation or decline. He makes explicit a critique of South Africa’s current neo-liberal economic policy through an attempted comparison.


Research, Policy-Making and the Advent Of Democracy: a Reply To Max Price
Eddie Webster, 70
Looking at the history and current situation of the Sociology of Work Project at the University of the Witwatersrand, EDDIE WEBSTER considers some different aspects of research organisations and the nature of critical intellectual activity in the changing South African political environment.


MIKE MARQUSEE’s Anyone but England; Cricket and the National Malaise is reviewed by VISHNU PADAYACHEE

LEON DE KOCK responds to DAVID JOHNSON’S review

JOHNSON replies

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