32, 1997. Table of Contents.

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South African Regional Industrial Development Policy: Critical Issues
Trevor Bell, 1
TREVOR BELL reopens the debate from the 1970s and 1980s about regional industrial development. Apartheid policies targeted bantustans and their environs for privileged economic development, policies which were frequently attacked as uneconomic and damaging to the national interest. By contrast, this article defends regional industrial promotion as beneficial and effectively calls for its restoration under somewhat new premises.

Industrial Decentralisation Revisited
Gillian Hart And Alison Todes, 31
GILLIAN HART AND ALISON TODES are also involved in a reconsideration of industrial decentralisation policies. They argue that, if one is actually looking at events on the ground in the case of the KwaZulu-Natal town of Newcastle, neither apartheid distortions nor the relocation imperatives of globalisation are enough to explain what happens. The social context, gender, the ambitions of Taiwanese businessmen, are all part of the picture.

Monetary Policy Within Macroeconomic Policy: An Appraisal in The Context Of Reconstruction and Development
Simon Roberts, 54
Increasing industrial capacity is the only way forward for the South African economy if the country wants to achieve expansion of employment and a high growth rate. SIMON ROBERTS argues that present policy, which instead emphasises tight money controls and inflation reduction continues the patterns of the old regime and is inappropriate for South Africa’s circumstances.


Industrial Response To Globalisation Within A Medium-Sized Town: A Focus On The Clothing Manufacturing Sector In Port Shepstone
Karen Harrison, 79
But what actually happens on the ground? KAREN HARRISON explores the case of the clothing industry in a small town on the KwaZulu Natal coast over the past several years. Here, a generally declining industry has expanded to some extent without dependence on state incentives.


Critiques Of The Economy
Bill Freund, 102
GUY STANDING et al’s Restructuring the Labour Market and JEREMY BASKIN’s Against the Current is reviewed by BILL FREUND