31, 1996. Table of Contents.

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Policy Challenges for Education in the New South Africa: The Case For School Feeding in the Context of Social and Economic Reconstruction
Peter Kallaway, 1
A call for a return to the ‘essentially social-democratic agenda of the anti-apartheid struggle’ is contained in this article by PETER KALLAWAY, that examines the local and international history of school-feeding schemes.

Gambling On Investment: Competing Economic Strategies In South Africa
Nicoli Nattrass, 25
NICOLI NATTRASS critically reviews ‘economic policy documents’put forward by labour, capital and the South African government during 1996.


Improving Manufacturing Performance In South Africa: A Rejoinder
Trevor Bell, 43
TREVOR BELL argues that Kaplan and Lewis have missed the point of his earlier argument and have misinterpreted it. He clarifies his critique of the ISP Report before turning to the issue of industrial restructuring. In contrast to the ISP’s ‘technology-driven’ view of South African development, Bell contends that industrial strategy needs to be articulated within a context in which the balance of payments is recognised as the main constraint on faster growth.

Productivity, Trade And Employment: A Contribution To The Bell-ISP Debate
Imraan Valodia, 57
There is little theoretical or empirical evidence, IMRAAN VALODIA demonstrates, to support the ISP view that exports will lead to productivity improvements in South African manufacturing. Furthermore, the ISP has failed to recognise that its proposals to improve productivity, however important, could lead to a substantial increase in unemployment in the short and medium term.


From The Rdp To Gear: The Gradual Embracing of New-Liberalism In Economic Policy
Asghar Adelzadeh, 66
The GNU’s macroeconomic strategy and accompanying policy proposals (GEAR) are analytically flawed, empirically unsupportable and historically unsuitable for South African conditions. GEAR, ASGHAR ADELZADEH argues, cannot transform South Africa’s inherited pattern of inequality.


RW Johnson and Lawrence Schlemmer’s edited book Launching Democracy in South Africa: the first open election, April 1994, is reviewed by CHARLES CROTHERS
Charles Crothers, 96

Leon de Kock’s Civilising Barbarians: Missionary Narrative and African Textural Response in Nineteenth-Century South Africa.
David Johnson, 101

Shirley Walters and Linzi Manicom’s Gender in Popular Education: Methods for Empowerment, is reviewed by Robert Morrell, 105