28, 1995. Table of Contents.

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Improving Manufacturing Performance In South Africa: A Contrary View
Trevor Bell, 1
TREVOR BELL undertakes a critique of the analytical foundations and policy recommendations of the Industrial Strategy Project Report, and proposes an explanation for deteriorating manufacturing performance in South Africa which places greater emphasis on macro-economic factors.

Changing Cities: Global Economics, Urban Restructuring And Planning Response
Phillip Harrison, 35
Partnerships and networking, rather than traditional planning approaches, PHILLIP HARRISON argues, may offer a more meaningful response to urban restructuring in the context of growing global-local linkages.

Repressive and Restitutory Sanctions in the Townships: The Social Origins of the Different Forms of Punishment in the People’s Courts
Thokozani Xaba, 51
THOKOZANI XABA, by drawing a distinction between restitutory and repressive justice, discusses “people’s courts’ in order to make suggestions about a new system of justice in South Africa.


Three Generations Of African Academics: a Note
Thandika Mkandawire, 75
THANDIKA MKANDAWIRE presents a profile of three generations of African academics which examines their response to changing economic, political and academic circumstances both within their countries and abroad.

Regional Security In Southern Africa In The 1990S: Challenging The Terms Of The Neo-Realist Debate
Peter Vale and John Daniel, 84
In this contribution PETER VALE and JOHN DANIEL take on the arguments of the ‘neo-realists’ in military policy formulation in post-apartheid South Africa.


Labour And The Transition: a Sociological Survey: DAVID GINSBURG et al’s Taking Democracy Seriously is reviewed by RONALDO MUNCK, 94

WILLIAM BEINART’s Twentieth Century South Africa is reviewed by KEITH BRECKENRIDGE, 97

Notes on Contributors