26, 1995. Table of Contents.

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Three of our four lead articles in Transformation 26 are based on papers for the 1994 History Workshop. The theme of the workshop was democratisation.

Identity, Democracy And Political Rights: South Africa In A Comparative Perspective
Ran Greenstein, 1
RAN GREENSTEIN proposes a rigorous comparative analysis of the discourse of liberation, majority rule, non-racialism and democracy in South Africa with that prevailing amongst Palestinians/Israelis. He argues that such comparisons rely on assessing specific historic configurations rather than any universal logic.

The Ambiguities Of Democracy: The Demobilisation Of The Zimbabwean Ex-Combatants And The Ordeal Of Rehabilitation, 1980-93
Muchaparara Musemwa, 31
What becomes of the insurgent army when the battle is won? This problem, which remains a sore point in the new South Africa, has represented a key issue in Zimbabwe since 1980. MUCHAPARARA MUSEMWA considers how and why demobilisation has been a failure to a large extent.

In A State Of Emergency: Democracy, Power And Nationalist Discourse In Lesotho
David B Coplan, 47
Democratisation was the watchword amongst aid donors and pundits in Africa in the early 1990s and Lesotho was a prominent example of a country where military rule was replaced through free elections. What went wrong? DAVID B COPLAN insists that democratisation requires more than constitutional procedures with lessons for South Africa as well as Lesotho.

(Re)Presenting ‘The Family’- Familist Discourses, Welfare And The State
Jackie Sunde and Vivienne Bozalek, 63
South Africa is awash with rhetoric about the restoration of family values and family structures. But ‘familisf discourses that ignore the problems of women and place the burden of social stability on their shoulders may compound the collapse of the family, according to JACKIE SUNDE and VIVIENNE BOZALEK.


Unraveling Cherryl Walker’s Confusion
Zarina Maharaj, 78
ZARINA MAHARAJ responds to Cherryl Walker’s critique.

Here’s A Fine Mess; A Response To Ben Fine’s ‘Alternative Assessment’
Mathew Blatchford, 84
MATHEW BLATCHFORD defends Nicoli Nattrass’ assessment of ANC economic policies in response to Ben Fine.

A Reply To Ben Fine by NICOLI NATTRASS.
Nicoli Nattrass, 91

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