25, 1988. Table of Contents.

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The RDP White Paper: Reconstruction Of A Development Vision
Asghar Adelzadeh And Vishnu Padayachee, 1
Unlike the based RDP Document, argue ASGHAR ADELZADEH AND VISHNU PADAYACHEE, the White Paper is a bad augury for the Left. It lacks coherence and vision and gives away far too much to the free marketeers.’

Politics and Economics in ANC Economic Policy’: An Alternative Assessment
Ben Fine, 19
For BEN FINE, a key writer on current economic policy issues is Nici Nattrass, who seeks to bring ANC politics and business-friendly economics together. Fine argues that Nattrass’ contributions, if adopted as policy, would hobble the efforts of the ANC, even from the standpoint of genuine social democracy.


Participatory Research And Democratic Agrarian Transformation: The Case Of The Eastern Transvaal Central Lowveld
Richard Levin, 34
Using his own research in this region as a model, RICHARD LEVIN suggests that participatory research yields very different results in thekey reform area of land issues than top-down approaches which remain characteristic of policy procedures.

What Has Happened To Gender In Regional Development Analysis? Examples From Kwa Zulu/Natal
Alison Todes And Dori Posel, 58
ALISON TODES AND DORI POSEL question conventional policy discourse as well, focussing on the special challenges posed by gender issues. They use the example of regional planning in Kwa Zulu/ Natal for their focus.

Women And The Labour Market: Challenges Posed For Job-Creation Policy
Pat Horn, 79
In pinpointing the weak position of women in the economy, PAT HORN emphasises that the greatest need is in women-led organisation


Comments On Zarina Maharaj’s ‘Subversive Intent: A Social Theory Of Gender’
Cherryl Walker, 88
CHERRYL WALKER feels that Zarina Maharaj has been less subversive and more contradictory than she would like in theorising gender.

Empowerment Through Delivery Systems
Sivi Gounden and Andrew Merrifield, 93
SIVI GOUNDEN AND ANDREW MERRIFIELD address the housing policy practitioners and suggest that delivery systems in the housing field, depending how they are produced, can deliver popular empowerment and work against community violence.


South African Labour: A Modernised Marxist Approach
Peter Waterman, 103
Eddie Webster et al’s Work and Industrialisation in South Africa: An Introductory Reader is reviewed by PETER WATERMAN

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