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Food Security In A Democratic South Africa
Henry Bernstein, 1
Land reform in South Africa cannot be confined to the question of individual redistribution. HENRY BERNSTEIN wants to tie social change on the land to the issue of food security, to put the emphasis on democratic struggle and structural reform of institutions rather than on bureaucratic planning based on unreformed structures.

Would Social Health Insurance Improve South African Health Care? What other Middle Income countries can teach us
Max Bachmann, 26
MAX BACHMANN argues that, in the light of the crisis of the welfare state internationally the issue of socialised medicine is complicated. He considers ways of improving efficiency and equity through looking carefully at the example of what other [wealthier] developing countries, rather than the most affluent, can teach us in this fundamental area for reconstruction.

Subversive Intent: A Social Theory Of Gender
Zarina Maharaj, 40
ZARINA MAHARAJ looks at new theoretical approaches to the interaction of women and men as gendered beings. These approaches make a break with the style and content of local feminist debates and import theoretical insights that are new to the South African scene.

Accumulation and Labour Relations In The Taxi Industry
Meshack Khosa, 55
The taxi industry is the source of extraordinarily violent conflict as well as dynamic economic growth in the transport sector. MESHACK KHOSA argues that the history, not only of apartheid, but of the contradictory processes unfolding in South African capitalism, is unveiled in a study of this industry.

Student Power, Actions And Problems; A Case Study Of UWC SRC, 1981-92
Sipho S Maseko, 72
The inner life of South African universities in a turbulent era have been subjected to very little scrutiny. SIPHO S MASEKO looks at the rise of liberation politics in the UWC student body and why the structural transformation that this seemed to herald was so limited.


Coloured Identity?
Linda Chisholm, 91
Mohammed Adhikari’s Let Us Live for Our Children: The Teachers League of South Africa 1913-40 is reviewed by LINDA CHISHOLM

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