21, 1993. Table of Contents.

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Durban Hostels and Political Violence: Case Studies in Kwamashu and Umlazi
Paulus Zulu, 1
Hostels were only recently a key social and economic manifestation of apartheid. Now, in a comparative study, according to PAULUS ZULU, they are the site of current battles over space and power amidst deprivation and lie the heart the heart of political violence.

Trade Unions and Corporatism In South Africa
Johann Maree, 24
The trade unions are preparing for the ‘new South Africa’ with new kinds of engagements. JOHANN MAREE systematically analyses corporatism and its implications for labour historically and in the South African conjuncture.

Popular Justice And Civil Society In Transition: a Report From the ‘Front Line’ – Natal
Daniel Nina, 55
The people’s court phenomenon raises the question in South Africa of revolutionary justice, of the relation between law and democracy. DANIEL NINA considers its potential in the transition phase in South Africa through some examples in one region.

The Public Sphere, The Media And Democracy
Alison Gillwald, 65
ALISON GILLWALD looks at the ways a democratic media regime could come about in South Africa in trying to pass beyond the polarised liberal and Marxist debate positions that have dominated this subject.

Economic Strategies, Adjustment and Health Policy: Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa for the 1990s
Rob Davies and David Sanders, 78
Zimbabwe has enjoyed a reputation for progressive health policies since 1980. ROB DAVIES and DAVID SANDERS assess this record in the light of structural adjustment pressures.


Power-Sharing, Ethnic Agnosticism, And Political Pragmatism
Arend Lijphart, 94
AREND LIJPHART responds to his critic Rupert Taylor, and defends consociationalism as a relevant strategy for South Africa.


Feasible Socialism?
Stephen Louw, 100
Alec Nove’s The Economics of Feasible Socialism Revisited and Keith Coleman’s Nationalisation: beyond the slogans, are reviewed by STEPHEN LOUW.

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