20, 1992. Table of Contents.

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Structural Reform: a Model For Revolutionary Transformation Of South Africa
John S. Saul, 1
Is the choice ahead for South Africa one between reform and revolution? JOHN S SAUL argues that it may be useful instead for socialists to contemplate structural reform as a model for a third path.

South Africa’s Gold Mining Crisis: Challenges For Restructuring
Jean Leger And Martin Nicol, 17
Gold has been the engine of South African economic growth since its discovery. Today, however, the industry faces a problematic future. JEAN LEGER and MARTIN NICOL critique plans for restructuring the industry and suggest a more progressive route.

Organisational Culture and the Limits Of Transformation: The Implementation of an Adult Education Programme On South Africa’s Mines
Penny Vinjevold And Brahm Fleisch, 36
PENNY VINJEVOLD and BRAHM FLEISCH use the mining industry to illustrate the failure of management to implement programmes promoted from the peaks of industry as a result of the ‘organisational culture’ down the line.

Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College: A Unique South African Educational Experience In Tanzania
Pethu Serote, 47
Many writers have devastatingly critiqued the Bantu Education system and its heritage. By contrast, here PETHU SEROTE examines an experimental school the ANC ran in the years of exile for lessons in educational reform.

Family Matters and the State: Policy and Everyday Life
Julia Segar And Caroline White, 61
JULIA SEGAR and CAROLINE WHITE consider in this article what would constitute progressive family policy appropriate to a new South Africa in the post-apartheid planning context.

Emerging South African Perspectives On Regional Cooperation And Integration After Apartheid
Robert Davies, 75
Under the surface, ROBERT DAVIES detects conflicting options in what sort of regional economic policy South Africa could adopt in a new political context. He contrasts those that might bring short-term gains in exploiting the vulnerabilities of South Africa’s neighbours with others that might create an overall favourable development.


Towards A Framework For National Development
Cedric de Beer, 88
CEDRIC DE BEER argues that there is potential for achieving consensus about the reconstruction of South African society based on a focus of national development. Here, as a contribution to the debate about social, economic, and development policy, he outlines the main elements such a focus would encompass.


Continuity And Change
Gerhard Mare, 98
AD Spiegel and PA McAllister: Tradition and Transition in Southern Africa.

Worker Participation
Bill Freund, 100
Judy Mailer: Conflict and Co-operation; Case Studies in Worker Participation.

Enhancing Whose Power?
Bettina Von Lieres And Stephen Louw, 102
Bushier Vally: A Social Contract – The Way Forward?

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