17, 1992. Table of Contents.

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South Africa: A Consociational Path To Peace
Rupert Taylor, 1
Arend Lijphart’s consociational model of constitution building based on ethnic blocks as givens, has been highly influential in conservative thinking on South Africa. RUPERT TAYLOR critiques the way it reifies ethnicity and suggests why its implementation would put a clamp on progressive social change.

Transition In Namibia 1989-90: and the South African Case
Christopher Saunders, 12
Was the real significance of transition in Namibia a dress rehearsal for the creation of the ‘new South Africa’? CHRISTOPHER SAUNDERS systematically explores the main features of that process with his eye on that question.

Contradictions of Independence; Namibia In Transition
Linda Freeman, 25
Riven with contradictions, independent Namibia faces all the problems of previously independent African countries in a difficult conjuncture. LINDA FREEMAN provides a sobering overview of the possibilities for this key state in the southern African region.


Transformation Time!
Mala Singh, 48
MALA SINGH argues how and why the concept of transformation needs to be defined and critically examined as a means of defining the agenda in South Africa today.

Beyond The Frontier; Civil Society Revisited
Daniel Nina, 61
The struggle for civil society, for hegemony in the new South Africa using this currently salient discourse, is theorised by DANIEL NINA.

Conference Report

Violence, Research And Intellectuals
Grahame Hayes, 74
GRAHAME HAYES reports on and assesses an Oxford conference dealing with the themes of political violence in southern Africa in June, 1991

Review Article

The Rainbow Alliance: Populist Limitations Of South Africa’s’Green’ Movement
Tim Quinlan, 87
Going Green: A picture in only two dimensions? TIM QUINLAN looks at the strengths and weaknesses of green thought as it has developed thus far in South Africa, according to the recently published collection edited by Cock and Koch

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