16, 1991. Table of Contents.

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Vigilantes, Clientelism And The South African State
Craig Charney, 1
CRAIG CHARNEY comes to grips with the persistent horrific violence in South Africa in an assessment that concentrates on the persistence of a colonial patronage system – clientelism – which he illuminates through reference to an important theme in debates about third world politics.

The Character And Consequences Of Conglomeration In The South African Economy
David Lewis, 29
Most of the public discussion in South Africa concerning economic power has focused on the question of nationalisation. DAVID LEWIS argues that the real issue revolves around the power and developmental consequence of the power of conglomerates – the dominance of finance overproduction and how to change it.


A Growth Path For A Post-Apartheid South Africa
Raphael Kaplinsky, 49
Commenting on ANC economic discussion documents, RAPHAEL KAPLINSKY clarifies the current debates about economic growth paths and, in opting for a policy of “growth through redistribution” outlines some of the consequences.


Marxism In South Africa: Context, Themes and Challenges
Colin Bundy, 56
Is Marxism dead? COLIN BUNDY considers some of the challenges that face socialists in constructing an appropriate and effective movement in an international atmosphere of crisis for Marxism.

Review Articles

Justice And Rights in the New South Africa
Tony Fluxman, 67
TONY FLUXMAN argues that while Albie Sachs has produced the most significant contribution to the question of human rights and the future constitution, his approach is problematic from either socialist or liberal perspectives.

‘A Liberal of Another Colour’
Tom Lodge, 76
Robert Sobukwe is one of the Africanist heroes of South Africa. TOM LODGE is convinced by the new biography of Sobukwe written by Benjamin Pogrund that he was importantly a liberal.


Violence And Children
Grahame Hayes, 89
CIS: The Influence of Violence on Children. Reviewed by GRAHAME HAYES.

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