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Migrants, Comrades And Rural Revolt: Sekhukhuneland 1950 – 1987
Peter Delius, 2
PETER DELIUS argues that whilst the ANC built an effective organisation in rural Sekhukhuneland in the 1950s and were pivotal in a major rural revolt there, today’s rural context and especially the transformation of youth culture, creates a new kind of challenge to contemporary organisation.

Rethinking Chieftaincy And The Future Of Rural Local Government: A Preliminary Investigation
Alastair Mcintosh, 27
Like Delius, ALASTAIR McINTOSH is concerned with social conflicts in rural South Africa. The position of chiefs is being challenged but doing away with chiefship also presents difficulties.

Is This The Swazi Way? State, Democracy And The Land Question
Richard Levin, 46
In Swaziland, royal hegemony has enjoyed much greater acceptance as the ‘Swazi way’. RICHARD LEVIN tries to explain how and why and considers the requirements for constructing a counter-hegemony.

Welfare Under Pressure: Financing South African Social Welfare
Francie Lund, 67
The South African welfare system is contradiction-laden and full of strain. Yet post-apartheid South Africa, argues FRANCIE LUND, will need to rely on its effective development as she lays out present structures and articulates future needs.

Constitutional Issues for a Free South Africa: Decentralisation of a Unitary State
Kader Asmal, 81
KADER ASMAL argues that discussion about the future development local and regional government has been bedevilled by Establishment attempts to preserve privilege. Yet there is a crucial need to develop devolved structures that will sustain, rather than hinder, the flowering of a non-racial democracy.


Consensus And Contention: a note on the Current State of the Land Debate
Anne Vaughan, 96
ANNE VAUGHAN responds to the articles on agrarian change in Transformation 12 as well as recent Urban Foundation thinking. If some of the discussion on the ‘land question’seems unrooted in realities and rhetorical, the latter thrust is ‘contradictory, evasive and mealymouthed.’


The Anti-Politics Machine: ‘Development, depoliticisation and bureaucratic state power in Lesotho‘.

An Unofficial War: Inside the conflict in Pietermaritzburg.

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