101, 2019. Table of Contents

Section 1: Overview and introduction

Framing poverty and inequality studies in South Africa
Sarah Mosoetsa and David Francis

Section 2: Work, households and the labour market

The paradox of inequality in South Africa – a challenge from the
David Francis and Edward Webster

The sprawl of malls: financialisation, service work and inequality
in Johannesburg’s urban geography
Bridget Kenny

‘Listening, care, support and respect’: a field guide to the making
of inequality in South Africa’s Thuthuzela care centres
Lisa Vetten

Challenging workplace inequality: precarious workers’ institutional
and associational power in Gauteng, South Africa
Thomas Englert and Carin Runciman

Rupturing or reinforcing inequality? The role of education in South
Africa today
Stephanie Allais, Yael Shalem and Adam Cooper

Section 3: Land, space and inequality

Down by the river: park dwellers, public space and the politics of
invisibility in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs
Sarah Charlton


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