10, 1989. Table of Contents.

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Inside Renamo
William Minter, 1
WILLIAM MINTER provides a carefully-researched, detailed investigation of the structure, politics and actual operations of RENAMO based on his interviews with escapees and FRELIMO held prisoners.

Afrikaans Literature: Class And Apartheid
Ampie Coetzee, Julian F Smith And Hein Willemse, 28
In order to progress, argue AMPIE COETZEE, JULIAN F SMITH AND HEIN WILLEMSE, Afrikaans literature needs to shed its links to apartheid apparatuses and take on issues of exploitation and class in serving a new South African society in formation.

Trade Unions And Community Organisations: Towards A Working Alliance
Edwin Ritchken, 40
Returning to the debate in previous issues engaged in by Plaut, von Holdt and Glaser, EDWIN RITCHKEN re-interprets the history of union-community relationships in the 1980s and considers with some new reference points how they are being restructured and how that restructuring can advance further.

Milton, Marvell And ‘The Struggle’
Colin Gardner, 54
In looking at the creation of English literature in South Africa, COLIN GARDNER considers the creative tension between political engagement and writing in another time and place.


Intellectuals, The Working Class And Politics
Dave Lewis, 64
The question of relations between intellectuals, political organisation and political change addressed by Coetzee et al and by Gardner, is taken up from a trade union perspective by DAVE LEWIS in a keynote address to a recent congress of the Union of Democratic University Staff Associations.


Inside Which Circle?
Jeremy Cronin, 70
JEREMY CRONIN contests Colin Bundy’s recent characterisation of the inapplicability of Colonialism of a Special Type theory to South Africa.


Towards Freehold?
Anne Vaughan, 79

Capitalism and Social Democracy
Raphael De Kadt, 86

War and Society:The Militarisation of South Africa
Bill Freund, 92

Zimbabwe: Politics, Economics and Society
Bill Freund, 95

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