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Table of Contents

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Prefix as policy: Megaprojects as South Africa’s big idea for human settlements
Richard Ballard


A ‘Marshall Plan’ for human settlements: how megaprojects became South Africa’s housing policy
Richard Ballard, Margot Rubin

Satellite settlement on the spatial periphery: Lessons from international and Gauteng experience
Philip Harrison, Alison Todes

Fractured approaches to urban transformation: Analysing parallel perspectives in South Africa
Liza Rose Cirolia, Warren Smit

Poverty, subsidised housing and Lufhereng as a prototype megaproject in Gauteng
Sarah Charlton

Megaprojects and urban visions: Johannesburg’s Corridors of Freedom and Modderfontein
Richard Ballard, Romain Dittgen, Philip Harrison, Alison Todes


Migrant, Refugee, Smuggler, Saviour by Peter Tinti and Tuesday Reitano (review)
Monique Emser

City of Thorns: nine lives in the world’s largest refugee camp by Ben Rawlence (review)
Bill Freund

The Art of Public Space: curating and re-imagining the ephemeral city by K. Gurney (review)
Paulo Menezes

Letters to my Native Soil: Lewis Nkosi writes home (2001 2009) by Lindy Stiebel and Therese Steffen (eds.) (review)
Itala Vivan

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