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81/82, 2013. Table of Contents.

Cover, Publication Guidelines, Contents page Special Issue: Capitalism of a special type? South African capitalism before and after 1994 Obituary Eric Hobsbawm: an appreciation (9 June 1917 – 1 October 2012) Bill Freund, 1-4 Articles Introducing varieties of capitalism into the South African debate: uses and limits Vishnu Padayachee, 5-32 Varieties of capitalism in emerging economies Andreas […]

43, 1988. Table of Contents.

Cover, Notes for Contributors, Contents page Articles Changing notions of human security in the Southern African region Leysens, Anthony Indians, Islam and the meaning of South African citizenship – A question of identities. Vahed, Goolam Global trends in the automotive industry: Their likely impact on South African automotive assembly and component manufacturers Barnes, Justin Debate Calling […]