89, 2015. Table of Contents.

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Errata T88
p. ii

Debate: South African Reserve Bank
South African Reserve Bank independence: the debate revisited
pp. 1-25
Vishnu Padayachee

Debate: John Saul in Johannesburg
The Freedom Charter and its legacy: results and prospects
pp. 26-30
David Moore

The struggle for South Africa’s liberation: success and failure
pp. 31-44
John Saul

Reflecting on the struggle for democracy: a reply to John Saul
pp. 45-49
Ben Turok

Post-apartheid South Africa under ANC rule: a response to John S Saul on South Africa
pp. 50-75
Bill Freund

On disagreeing with my critics
pp. 76-86
John Saul


Contesting ‘invited spaces’: where a ward committee and a social movement meet
pp. 87-111
Anneke le Roux


Antjie Krog: an ethics of body and otherness ed. by Judith Lütge Coullie and Andries Visagie (review)
pp. 112-119
M J Daymond

World of Letters: reading communities and cultural debates in early apartheid South Africa by Corinne Sandwith (review)
pp. 120-122
Rachel Matteau Matsha

Migrant Women of Johannesburg: life in an in-between city by Caroline Wanjiku Kihato (review)
pp. 123-126
Doreen Gordon

Give a Man a Fish: reflections on the new politics of distribution by James Ferguson (review)
pp. 127-130
Richard Ballard

Notes on Contributors
p. 131