72/73, 2010. Table of Contents. Missing tribute to eddie webster

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Tribute to Professor Edward Webster on his retirement from the Society, Work and Development Institute, University of the Witwatersrand

Jacklyn Cock, i-iii 


Southern windmill: the life and work of Edward Webster
Michael Burawoy, 1-25 

Eddie Webster, the Durban moment and new labour internationalism
Rob Lambert, 26-47 

Against the odds: the sustainability of the South African Labour Bulletin
Johann Maree, 48-65 

Public sociology and the transformation of the university
Anthea Metcalfe, Jacklyn Cock, 66-85 

Brazil’s ‘pro-poor’ strategies: what South Africa could learn
Gay Seidman, 86-103

Class and social reproduction in migrant households in a South African community
Khayaat Fakier, 104-126

Institutionalisation, strike violence and local moral orders
Karl von Holdt, 127-151 

Becoming a social movement union: Cyril Ramaphosa and the National Union of Mineworkers
T Dunbar Moodie, 152-180 

Workplace change and frontline supervision in deep-level gold mining: managerial rhetoric or practice?
Sizwe Timothy Phakathi, 181-204

Globalisation, labour and development: a view from the South
Ronaldo Munck, 205-224

‘There shall be work and security’: utopian thinking or a necessary condition for development and social cohesion
Edward Webster, 225-246 

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