69, 2009. Table of Contents

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Debate on the Harvard Panel’s Economic Policy Proposals for South Africa

Speed Bumps, Speed Limits and Take-offs: An introductory comment on the Fine-Harvard debate
Imraan Valodia, 1-4 

Submission to the COSATU Panel of Economists on “The Final Recommendations of the International Panel on Growth” (the Harvard Panel)

Why we still believe exports for jobs will lead to shared growth: A response to Fine’s “Harvard Group Shores up Shoddy Governance”
Ricardo Hausmann, Matt Andrews, 31-65 

Rejoinder to “A Response to Fine’s ‘Harvard Group Shores up Shoddy Governance’”
Ben Fine, 66-80 


Corporate power, society and the environment: A case study of ArcelorMittal South Africa
Andries Bezuidenhout, Jacklyn Cock, 81-105


The ‘Hani Memorandum’ – introduced and annotated
Hugh Macmillan, 106-129 

From the national question to the social question
Thandika Mkandawire, 130-160 

Book Review Article

Angola: From war to peace
Chris Saunders, 161-172

Book Review

Gaining Ground? ‘Rights’ and ‘Property’ in South African Land Reform (review)
Cherryl Walker, 173-176