64, 2007. Table of Contents.

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The strange death of liberated southern Africa
John S. Saul, 1-26 

‘They have built a legal system without punishment’: reflections on the use of amnesty in the South African transition
Catherine Jenkins, 27-65 

Does South Africa have a ‘racial bargain’?: a comparative perspective
Roger Southall, 66-90 

The constraints and institutional challenges facing industrial policy in South Africa: a way forward
David E. Kaplan, 91-111 

The colour of success: a qualitative study of affirmative action attitudes of black academics in South Africa
Kevin Durrheim, Merridy Boettiger, Zaynab Essack, Silvia Maarschalk, Chitra Ranchod, 112-139 

‘The turning point…was in the decision of the liberation movement to abandon its exclusive reliance on non-violent campaigning’
Rusty Bernstein, John S. Saul, 140-144 


Class, Race, and Inequality in South Africa (review)
James Heintz, 152-153 

Undressing Durban (review)
Bill Freund, 152-153 

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