15, 1991. Table of Contents

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Education, Politics And Organisation: The Educational Traditions And Legacies Of The Non-European Unity Movement 1943-86
Linda Chisholm, 1
The relationship of education to liberation is an enormously topical and debated issue in contemporary South Africa. LINDA CHISHOLM critically explores a particular tradition of political education that flourished in the Coloured schools of the Cape through the harshest years of apartheid policies.

Post-Apartheid South Africa: What About Women’s Emancipation?
Patricia Horn, 26

The Politics Of Gender: Negotiating Liberation
Andrew Charman, Cobus De Swardt And Mary Simons, 40
ANDREW CHARMAN, COBUS DE SWARDT and MARY SIMONS take as their touchstone the 1990 ANC Malibongwe Conference and the question of ANC discourse on gender. While noting the openings created by the advance in position in recent papers and declarations, they concentrate on the weak conceptualisation of key issues and the need for a stronger theoretical grasp of the problem of gender in this society.

Gender, Social Location And Feminist Politics In South Africa
Shireen Hassim, 65
SHIREEN HASSIM critiques the history and practise of gender politics in the liberation context and suggests some of the issues at stake in mobilising women. The space is now there, she suggests, for feminist politics if the right strategies are pursued.

Debate: Conference On Women And Gender In Southern Africa: Another View Of The Dynamics
Patricia Horn, 83
Durban was the setting in January for the first large conference on gender issues in a South African university. As PATRICIA HORN points out, one outcome was the airing of major differences in an as yet highly-divided movement. Nonetheless she felt that it represented a milestone in creating the possibilities for overcoming divisions later.
HORN is also the author of one of a series of articles in this issue on the relationship of feminism to liberation in South Africa. Her piece focusses particularly on organisational needs.

Capital Flight Under Apartheid
Zavareh Rustomjee, 89
ZAVAREH RUSTOMJEE suggests that a major aspect of capital’s response to political challenge and upheaval over the past two decades in South Africa has been capital flight, a common international phenomenon. This creates grave potential problems for directed economic change in the future.


Rural Aspects Of The White Paper On Land Reform And Four Accompanying Bills
Mike De Klerk, 104
MIKE DE KLERK critically examines the recent land reform legislation and considers that what may be a skillful interim measure will meet insuperable problems if intended as a means of blocking more thorough-going change.

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